Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine (May 2018)


CANOE&KAYAK Magazine(April 2018)

Kolor stitching | 3 pictures | Size: 13176 x 7482 | Lens: Fisheye | RMS: 5.83 | FOV: 287.60 x 105.15 ~ -10.09 | Projection: Cylindrical | Color: LDR |


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Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine (Oct 2017)

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The Green Race (November 2015)

Luc Strickland makes save on Gorilla during the Green Race. (Colorado),, and Steamboat Pilot Newspaper

Atlanta Magazine (July 2014)

Niche Snowboards Most Epic Shot Contest (July 2012)

Congratulations to Andy Chen for winning our first Most Epic Shot contest with a staggering 381 likes! Here is his entry:

We want to thank everyone who entered, played, and commented while this contest was going on. Didn't win? Don't fret, we got more goodies coming later in the summer/fall.

Entry from Andy Chen at a Halloween mtn board/bike jam session called Hucktoberfest in Atlanta. 

Photographer: Rob Giersch.